Tuesday, June 6, 2017

What is the 34 Hour Challenge?

The well known language learning site, Duolingo, claims that an hour on Duolingo is equal to one semester of a language course at a university. I had to test this theory! So, I came up with the idea for a 34 hour language challenge, which I will document in this blog. If you would like to do a 34 language challenge as well, here are the rules.

1. Pick a language you are not familiar with, but are interested in learning.

2. Spend at least one hour a day studying the language on Duolingo until you've reached 34 hours.

3. Take a placement test in the language.

4. Let me know how your challenge went. I'll add you to the "34 Hour Challenge" honor roll.

My mom is a huge fan of Memrise. So she decided that we should take this challenge to the next level. She is going to learn a language on Memrise. We are both going to take a placement test at the end of the 34 hours. So, if you want to choose Memrise over Duolingo, that works too.

For the Memrise challenge, the rules are the same as for the Duolingo challenge.

You can comment here if you want to be added to the "34 hour challenge" challenger's list for Duolingo or Memrise. Just let me know which one! I can add your blog name, your Duolingo/Memrise username. Or both!

Once you've completed the challenge, let me know and I will add you to the Honor Roll.

If you decide to blog about that challenge, please link me back to your blog so I can check it out as well!


  1. Hi, I'm Shruti from India and I was wondering whether you could please add me to the honor roll?

    I'll be studying Italian starting from 21/6/2017

    Memrise: ShrutiMishraSlogs
    Duolingo: ShrutiMishra
    Clozemaster: Theglowcloud


    1. Hi Shruti,

      I'll add you to the challenger's list. Then when you come back and let me know you've completed the challenge, I will add you to the Honor Roll.

      Sorry, I know it says Honor Roll above. I need to fix it.


    2. I've added you to the Challenger's List. Thanks for joining the challenge!


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